Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a platform fee for buyers?

No platform fees for buyers! Only Hedera network transaction fees and any creator royalties if applicable apply. The Hedera network fee estimator can be found here:

What is the platform fee for sellers?

The platform fee for sellers is currently 2% of each sale. This is used to cover the expenses associated with operating and maintaining the platform.

How much can I earn?

We do not have any total volume limits at this time, but there is a limit of 100,000ℏ per transaction. Reach out to support if you're trying to do a larger transaction.

When and how do you get paid from an NFT sale?

The reserve price is automatically issued to your Hedera account upon sale. The network will determine how long this takes exactly, typically less than 2 minutes.

How do NFT listings work?

Once an NFT is minted and listed for sale, anyone can bid on it by sending HBAR to the treasury address for that item. Alternatively items can be listed with a Secret Memo to restrict the purchase to those with the Secret Memo.

How does NFT purchasing work?

Purchase an NFT by sending HBAR to the treasury address associated with the listing along with the required memo. Confirm the transaction and you will be sent the NFT to the origin address of the HBAR.

Can I set automated royalties on my NFTs?

Yes, you can set royalty rates as low as 1% and as high as 50% per re-sale of your NFT.

Can I Mint an NFT without listing it for sale?

Yes, at the time of minting just select "Mint Only" on the NFT creation page.

How are my files stored?

Unlike other platforms which may host your NFT files at a single point of failure - in addition to storing your NFT source files on our servers, we upload your NFT files to IPFS nodes powered by Filecoin to secure a decentralized, immutable future. Your minting fees help to cover IPFS pinning costs.