Platform Pricing

Buyers Fees

0% per transaction*

Sellers Fees

2% per transaction*

Collection Mint

10ℏ per collection*

NFT Mint

5ℏ per transaction*

How do I start buying?

Sign up for an account, login and explore NFTs. Join live Auctions or Instant Purchase Listings with a Hedera compatible wallet using HBAR (ℏ).

How do I start selling?

Sign up for an account, login and Mint your NFTs. Submit NFTs for sale in Auctions or as Instant Purchase Listings payable in HBAR (ℏ).

How do I start minting?

Sign up for an account, login and visit the Create page. Upload your NFTs and use HBAR (ℏ) for the required Minting fees.

How are the collected fees used?

The longevity and interoperability of your NFTs is mission critical to us. With that in mind our platform fees are designed to support NFTs throughout their full life-cycle. The media assets powering your NFTs are not stored solely on our servers or centralized cloud hosting providers, but also as pinnable files on IPFS Nodes for immutable decentralization. Other platforms may have lower fees or even free tiers by shirking such responsibility - but we feel that these additional safeguards are necessary for the stability of your NFTs. Our best effort is our promise to you.

Please see the chart below for a breakdown of our estimated Platform Fee usage allocations.*

*Excludes any Hedera Network fees and creator royalties. Platform fees and fee allocations are subject to change.