Global NFT Marketplace dedicated exclusively to the Hedera Hashgraph Network.

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You're ready to start creating NFTs on the Hedera Network. Mint NFTs to a collection as a one of one or one of many - or skip straight to buying.


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List your NFTs for sale on the marketplace or trade HBAR for NFTs. Enjoy automatic, seamless, and near instant asset transfers.

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Platform Features

Create 1 of 1
Hedera NFTs

Mint rare unique assets immutably on the Hedera Hashgraph network.

Create NFT Collections

Build a community of collectors by offering NFTs as a part of a collection.

Buy/Sell NFTs

Trade HBAR to acquire NFTs at the list price, or sell your own NFT listings after minting.

Collect NFTs

Build your portfolio of assets and browse live listings all in one place.

Fine Tune your NFT Mints

Creatively name your NFTs, set re-sale royalty rates, limit max supply and more.

Save your Favorites

Mark your favorites to collect at a later date or when they're up for auction.

Share Your Collection

Show off your NFT collection to the community by sharing from your Hash Axis profile.

Vote on Platform Upgrades

Influence the platform's roadmap and have a voice in the community.